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The Terance Madden Foundation is a not-for-profit organization (501c3) dedicated to investing in the youth today to build a stronger tomorrow. The TMF serves to promote higher education primarily by awarding scholarships to deserving college and college-bound students.

Our Mission is to support the educational endeavors of college students in their pursuit of excellence through financial support and community empowerment.


The work of The Terance Madden Foundation (“The TMF”) was initiated in August 2015 by its founder, Attorney Terance Madden as the sole contributor.

Founder Terance Madden values and stresses the importance of education as a great equalizer towards social development. He understands that a good education gives many the opportunity to become contributing members of society and he is devoted to helping students circumvent financial obstacles to reach and attain their goals.

Therefore, The TMF aims to ensure that deserving college-bound students are not excluded from quality education because of financial needs. The TMF is committed to giving scholarships to graduating seniors and current college students in geographical areas that are experiencing financial depravation and lack of four-year degrees.



The reach of The Terance Madden Foundation will not be limited to solely providing financial support through scholarship awards. In addition, The TMF is committed to developing programs that will serve to expand opportunities for students.

Prospective program initiatives that The Terance Madden Foundation plans to initiate include:

  • Tutoring programs that will be established to ensure orderly and timely graduation and matriculation rates

  • Mentorship programs that will be available to provide direct guidance and understanding of opportunities in the workplace.


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